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Education and Ambitions

The proportion of people without qualifications increases with age. Less than 8% of 19-34 year-olds have no qualifications compared with 12% of 45-49 year-olds, 16% of 50-54 year-olds and 20% of 55-64 year-olds.
Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills 2008

Education participation rates decrease with age. In 2008, 40% of people aged 45-54 described themselves as current or recent learners, compared with 29% aged 55-64 and 19% aged 65-74.
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education 2008

A survey of career ambitions has shown that 61% of over-50s in work said that they wanted the chance to learn new skills and 31% said that they did not have the requisite skills to make a career change or fulfil a job ambition.
Learndirect 2008

People over 50 continue to have career ambitions as a survey by Learndirect showed that 46% said that they were not too old to pursue a new career and 19% were seriously contemplating such a move.
Learndirect 2008

Figures from the Learning and Skills Council show that numbers in adult education last October were 1.04 million - down by 151,000 (12.7%) on the previous year. While the number of teenagers in further education rose by just over 3%, the shortfall is in adult education, where student numbers fell by 12.7%.
Times Education Supplement April 2008