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Legal News 023 Case law update August 2008
Discrimination ‘by association’

The Retirement Process – normal retirement age and operative date of termination

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Legal News 024 Case law update October 2008
The ‘Heyday challenge’ – the Advocate General’s opinion

Pension schemes: discrimination against younger spouses

Harassment on grounds of age

Age discrimination – share scheme run by foreign parent

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Legal News 025 Case law update November 2008
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Legal News 026 Case law update January 2009
The compulsory retirement of partners – objective justification

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Legal News 027 Case law update April 2009
Age limits in recruitment

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Legal News 028 Case law update June 2009
Length of service as a criterion in selection for redundancy

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Legal News 029 Case Law Update October 2009
Regulation 30 - the default retirement age

‘Redundancy', unfair dismissal and age discrimination

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Legal News 030 Case Law Update April 2010
In the European Court of Justice

In the Employment Appeal Tribunal

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Legal News 031 Case Law Update June 2010
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Legal News 032 Case law update November 2010
Employer Justified Retirement Ages

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Legal News 33 - DRA retirement process - defective notification of retirement
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Legal Update 3 April 2012

Older Workers - Another Incovenient Truth
This piece by Alan Beazley, our policy specialist, provides employers with a summary of the key issues on the inconvenient truth about our ageing society and what they could consider to be their role in achieving viable solutions in the workplace.

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The Gap in the Workplace: Generation Y
Addressing the emerging issues employers are facing when trying to engage with Generation Y, bringing together the key findings from our research and outlines practical suggestions and steps employers can take to connect with younger people.

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The Insider Guide to Age Laws
The EFA's guide has been written to help employers understand the full impact of the Age Regulations on all aspects of employment policy and practice. The guide includes as much relevant case law as possible with 'real-life' scenarios, so that employers can easily recognise areas of risk, and check lists.

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